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If you or someone you know is looking to quit smoking, we’re here to help. Our friendly, specialist advisors offer free advice and support across Bedfordshire.  Thousands of people have quit for good with our help and studies show that you are up to four times more likely to quit if you use a combination of stop smoking medication and specialist help and support from your local Stop Smoking Service!

Get involved

Find the location of your nearest clinic, order a free Quit Kit or request a call from one of the team to find out more on the support available to you.

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Ready to quit?

If you are ready to make that next step you can refer yourself online. One of the team will give you a call to make an appointment as soon as possible.

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Information on smoking

Quitting is the best thing you'll ever do! Learn more about what to expect when stopping, how quickly your body recovers and the health risks of smoking.

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Our quitting counter

We’ve supported 2,279 people over the last year to stop smoking.

It has been proven that people who use local stop smoking services do much better than those who try to stop smoking on their own.  You are four times more likely to stop if you have help from an expert advisor so get in touch and we will make an appointment for you that is both convenient and flexible.


Money calculator

Every cigarette you don't smoke saves you money. Find out how much you will save by quitting and start thinking about what you could spend it on.

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Young People

Most people begin smoking when they are teenagers. Find out more about the support available for young people and our Kick Ash program.

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Smoking & Pregnancy

Discover why it's so dangerous to smoke during pregnancy and the lasting effects smoking can have on your baby's health and development.

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Latest News


E-Cigarettes ‘The Switch’ 2017

Inspired by people who have switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping, the NCSCT and the New Nicotine Alliance have produced this short film showing how some people have managed to make The Switch. http://

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Standardised “plain” packaging starts 20th May 2016

From 20th May 2016 laws surrounding tobacco packaging will change. From this date all tobacco products manufactured for sale in the UK must comply with the new laws. There is a one year transitional period for the sell-through of old stock and from May 2017 all tobacco products on sale in the UK must comply […]

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Stolen Years….

Smoking disproportionately harms those with mental health conditions Wednesday 13 April 2016 ( People with mental health conditions die on average 10-20 years earlier than the general population and smoking is the single largest factor in this shocking difference. Around one third of adult tobacco consumption is by people with a current mental health condition, […]

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Did you know…

You will very quickly notice changes in your physical wellbeing when you quit smoking.

Within a day or so of quitting, your body gets rid of all the poisonous carbon monoxide gas found in cigarette smoke.  As a result, oxygen levels in your blood increase and this will improve the appearance of your complexion and give you more energy.  Smoking also constricts blood vessels, so your blood will begin to flow more easily.  If you have poor circulation, this means your fingers and toes won't feel the cold as much.